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About SEF

Since its establishment in 2007, the non-profit Sales Education Foundation, a component fund of The Dayton Foundation, has promoted the sales profession through college and university programs. SEF proudly partners with academic trailblazers and industry professionals to help establish and support effective sales programs around the world.

Learn more about SEF

  • SEF Mark + HistoryIn 2007, only a handful of universities offered a recognized sales education program. Today, over 120 university programs worldwide help prepare students for professional selling careers.Learn More
  • SEF Mark + Staff & FoundersWith a strong focus on both efficiency and expertise, SEF maintains a lean organizational structure headed by a dedicated leadership team. This core team works closely with sponsoring partners and affiliated organizations to bring the benefits of foundation programs and services to students, universities, and sales organizations worldwide.Learn More
  • SEF Mark + Our PurposeSEF has supported and helped establish sales education programs at dozens of universities worldwide and provides career assessment services for thousands of students each year. The growing impact of these efforts has helped to accelerate growth in the university sales education space.Learn More
  • SEF Mark + Our ProgramsSEF is proud to offer a wide variety of innovative programs and resources tailored to the specific needs of universities, students and sales organizations.Learn More

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