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Our Purpose – Elevating the Sales Profession through University Education

Our Mission

“Elevating the sales profession through university education”

Our Focus

SEF supports university-level sales education programs by providing scholarships and research grants. Through the publication of our ANNUAL magazine’s “Top Universities” listing, SEF helps raise public awareness about the benefits of sales careers and promotes sales programs to the public.

Our Goals

SEF supports these main goals:

  • Provide support for sales specific research through grant funding
  • Encourage and support new Ph.D. candidates in Sales
  • Develop recognized specializations within the professional sales space
  • Give students in every university the opportunity to benefit from some sales classes

Our Impact

Since 2007, SEF has supported and helped raise awareness of the benefits of university sales education. Through a continuing partnership with GrowthPlay, LLC, SEF has provided over 15,000 career assessment opportunities for sales students. In partnership with leading sales professionals and top university sales programs, we work to:

  • Sponsor relevant, meaningful research and disseminate the outcomes
  • Provide sales students with an opportunity to participate in a predictive assessment and equip students with tools to build satisfying, successful sales careers
  • Promote optimal sales principles, processes and technologies
  • Identify and encourage sales competitions, workshops and conferences

NOTE: SEF does not sell or distribute private products on behalf of third parties for their personal or business gain.

Upcoming Events

A listing of all upcoming Sales Competitions and other events

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