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Sales Ambassadors & Researchers

Sales Ambassadors

Many of today’s most accomplished sales leaders are helping to inspire the next generation of sales professionals. By providing support through their contributions of time, talent and vision, these individuals are building an unmatched legacy through their impact on tomorrow’s best and brightest salespeople – and the sales profession as a whole.

Leff Bonney

In 2011, Leff Bonney, Ph.D., of Florida State University co-founded a groundbreaking national event to advance and enhance sales education. The annual Sales Educator’s Academy (SEA) brings together university faculty and business professionals from around the country to discuss core principles and share best practices in sales education. SEF is proud to sponsor this yearly event.

Terry Loe

Terry Loe, Ph.D., of Kennesaw State University (Georgia) founded the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC), the largest and oldest university sales role-play competition in the U.S. Since its’ establishment in 1999, the NCSC has become the largest sales competition attended by sales students from all over the world.

Neil Rackham

A bestselling author and respected researcher, Neil Rackham has been a longstanding, vocal advocate for sales professionalism. In 2011, Rackham donated $75,000 to fund quality academic research on key sales challenges. In 2016, Neil extended his gift to fund the program through 2017.

Andy Zoltners

Professor, author and management consultant, Andy Zoltners is known worldwide for his areas of expertise in sales force strategy, structure, compensation and effectiveness. In recognition of his lifelong dedication and devotion to sales education, Zoltners was presented with one of the first Lifetime Achievement Awards by the Sales Education Foundation.

Sales Researchers

This section is under construction. SEF plans to provide a listing of quality sales researchers and their areas of research interest.

Upcoming Events

A listing of all upcoming Sales Competitions and other events

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