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Who We Serve

SEF serves the entire “supply chain” of sales—from universities and students involved in sales-specific programs, to hiring organizations and sales professionals eager to improve performance.

Through a rigorous academic approach, SEF helps its constituents apply the science of sales to achieve their individual goals and advance the sales profession as a whole.

  • SEF Mark + UniversitiesHigh-Caliber Sales Programs Stand Out
    In 2007, very few universities offered dedicated sales education programs. Today, dozens of university programs worldwide have received SEF recognition, and many more are verified each year.Learn More
  • SEF Mark + StudentsSales Education Is the First Step to Success
    During the global economic recession, fewer than 45 % of typical college students had secured employment by the time they graduated. Among graduates with formal sales education (even a minor or significant coursework), this rate was 90 %.Learn More
  • SEF Mark + BusinessesSales Education Creates Top-Tier Employees
    Sales program graduates come to the workforce armed with the tools and talent to contribute to their organizations from day one. Sales program graduates ramp up 50% faster and turn over 30% less than their non-sales educated counterparts. SEF also provides businesses with the connections to important academic research.Learn More
  • SEF Mark + ProfessionalsAdvancing the Profession, Enhancing Careers
    Successful sales professionals understand the importance of staying ahead of the game. Leading salespeople strive to learn, grow, and improve, gaining knowledge and skills to prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities while building on yesterday’s accomplishments.Learn More

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