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Sales Professionals

Successful sales professionals understand the importance of staying ahead of the game. These professionals strive to learn, grow, and improve, gaining knowledge and skills to prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities. SEF shares in promoting research that provides insights relevant to industry trends, professional best practices, and business issues.

New Feature – Articles of Interest to Sales Professionals

You can now access whitepapers and features of interest to the sales professional right from this page. SEF will provide links to feature articles from our ANNUAL magazines as well as other sales-related publications.

  • “LinkedIn for Students & Managers” from the 2014 ANNUAL. Read the article by Bob Nadeau, Plymouth State University, featured in 2014 here.
  • “Inside Sales: What’s Going On and How It’s Professionalizing” from the 2015 ANNUAL. A special thanks to Trish Bertuzzi, for her willingness to share this information. See the feature here.

Did You Know –

  • Reducing pipelines by 1/3 could generate 50% more revenue
  • Only 17 % of traditional sales metrics relate to factors salespeople can control
  • Money is not the primary motivator for most salespeople; one study showed that clarifying their tasks and focus matters more
  • According to the job board site Jobvite, professional sales is the largest segment of new openings

Upcoming Events

A listing of all upcoming Sales Competitions and other events

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