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Students – Think About a Career in Professional Sales

Research shows today’s top sales graduates have an average job placement rate +92%! Find out if your university offers professional sales.

A university sales education provides an excellent return on investment. Most students are highly recruited – one study found the average sales student receives 2.8 job offers before graduation. Current average starting salaries for a technical sales rep exceed $60,000/year. Sales people report their career satisfaction rating over 77%. All these points support current thinking – Sales is a great career!

More than 50% of college graduates will hold their initial job in sales. Recent studies report the number of Marketing majors starting their career in sales tops 88%. Leading universities and recruiters at top sales organizations clearly recognize that a formal sales education can provide students with the knowledge and skills they need for professional success.

Although programs differ in details and recognition levels, all combine expertise in strategy with applied skills in the growing field of professional sales. Check with your university to see if sales classes are offered through your College of Business. Join this highly recruited group of graduates with record employment rates, competitive starting salaries and high career satisfaction.

SEF provides Career Development Program to sales students

Here’s what one student from the University of Dayton discovered:
“As a senior (my Chally Assessment results) helped me evaluate multiple job offers and choose the one best suited to my skills and interest.”

Students receive results that:

  • Focus on skills, builds on strengths, helps address weaknesses and indicates preferences
  • Assist with more accurately, responsibly navigating the career landscape
  • Can determine where students will excel: business development, account management, sales engineer, territory management, and more

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