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SEF + University Sales Programs

Recent studies have confirmed that Professional Selling is one of the most common job types for students graduating with a business degree.

Over a decade ago, SEF developed the concept of recognizing university sales education programs. At this time, very few universities offered a dedicated sales education program. In the 2016 10th edition of the SEF ANNUAL, 109  “Top” sales programs in the US and 15 worldwide were recognized in the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” listing.

“SEF was instrumental in helping us start the Center for Professional Selling and Sales Management at the University of Cincinnati … their knowledge and their willingness to share their expertise, allowed UC’s Sales Center to grow at a rapid pace.” – Dr. Jane Sojka

The Sales Education Foundation assists university sales programs by promoting their programs, providing worldwide exposure of their offerings, sharing educational materials and sponsoring academic conferences. In addition, SEF provides:

  • Sales research grants through the SEF/Neil Rackham Research Grant Award Program. A minimum of $15,000 is awarded annually with focus on sales research bridging the gap between academia and industry. A Call for Proposals is issued each year and promoted through multiple channels.
  • Access to an online assessment tool through our Career Development Program – supported by GrowthPlay that has assisted +16,000 students in defining their strengths and developing sales career paths.
  • Opportunities to connect with potential corporate partners. Through the SEF ANNUAL magazine, program details and contact information are made available to potential corporate partners.
  • Faculty development through sponsored programs such as the Sales Educators’ Academy, an innovative annual conference.
  • Engagement with other sales programs through the exchange of program details available in the SEF ANNUAL magazine as well as personal introductions.
  • Annual certification training for professors to administer SEF’s university assessment program, providing them with free resources to assist in their curriculum planning.
  • Various resources and handouts available by visiting the Resource section of this website.

To inquire about other ways SEF may be able to assist you or your program email SEF with your request.

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