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2018 Research Grant Recipient Ryan Mullins Outlines Concepts of His Proposal

Each SEF research grant recipient will publish their research in national and international journals. What their outcomes reveal is beneficial to industry and academia. Their papers shed light on many issues confronting the sales industry.

Today we highlight the research to be completed by Ryan Mullins, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing at Clemson University whose winning proposal is titled, in “Uncovering the Impact of Sales Force Capabilities on Firm Performance. “

According to Dr. Mullins, “Despite the sizeable resources that firms invest in salespeople, there are very few empirical studies on the effects of the sales force on overall firm performance. Our field has historically focused more on individual salespeople and these have provided great insights. However, it also makes sense for researchers, and especially executives, to understand how the sales force is strategically linked to the firm’s performance, thus providing better evidence of the ROI stemming from changes in the sales force. For example, what influence does the sales force’s customer retention have on firm profitability or market effectiveness? Clarifying the sales force’s impact on these types of firm-level outcomes can help guide broader strategy and resource investment such as training and compensation. The SEF/Neil Rackham grant will help me uncover some of these insights and I’m honored to be a recipient this year.”

We congratulate Dr. Mullins on being chosen to receive a 2018 SEF Research Grant and look forward to the completion of his project.