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2018 Sales Educators’ Academy Follow-Up

The Sales Educators’ Academy (SEA) held the 7th annual event in May 2018 at Aston Business School in Birmingham, UK.
Attended by a mix of educators and professionals, this event offered opportunities to hear from several well-known educators in the professional sales space. As a sponsor of SEA since its inception, we are delighted to share a few of the presentations from the event with our colleagues.

Dr. Howard Dover from The University of Texas at Dallas provided his key insights into “Sales Innovations in a Digitally Disrupted World.” It’s often heard that more and more sales transactions are taking place digitally. So how do we address the current convergence of sales and digital marketing in our sales curriculum? Howard shared new material from Dreamforce, CEB Summit, and the Sales Enablement Society Global Conference. How do we build this into a 21st century sales curriculum? To view his PowerPoint Presentation click here.

B. Tod Cox from Stetson University reflected on the lessons learned in developing a new sales curriculum, getting it approved, and the overall process of launching the program, including: Innovations in the curriculum, particularly around the use of mentoring whereby more advanced students coach and mentor students in lower level classes; a capstone Executive Sales Strategy class with content to provide a much broader perspective of the sales function in an enterprise and the overall process of launching the program. To see this presentation click here.

Andrew Loring, from Texas A:&M University, presented “Enhancing the Student Role-Play Experience.” Role-playing is a common practice for not only industry training but for introductory and advanced level sales courses as well. High impact learning experiences, such as role-plays are often a necessity for faculty to adhere to accreditation and university standards. Role-Play experience is also what many recruiters have come to expect from new hires. However, implementing and executing role-plays can be a challenging undertaking for instructors. Determining how to motivate and prepare students throughout the role-play process can also be difficult; and with the increasing number of students, time does not allow instructors to meet with each student to prepare. To help with the above problem, this presentation outlines one way instructors can enhance the role-play preparation and improvement process within sales courses that leads to reduced student anxiety and higher engagement, confidence, and success. View Andrew’s presentation here.

SEF is proud to have sponsored every SEA event and we look forward to the 2019 SEA which will be held at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.