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2018 Career Development Program Faculty Certification

SEF has completed our 10th Faculty Certification for the Career Development Program (CDP) and our first to be held online. This academic program provides sales educators with tools to use SEF’s CDP featuring the Chally assessment. The goal of the program is to help Professional Sales students focus on their strengths and find their best fit in a sales role.

Attending certification as the Class of 2018 were: Anita Dale from Purdue University; Chris Ricard from Douglas College; Eric Kennerk from Kent State University; John Chapman from University of North Carolina Greensboro; Matthew Larson from Douglas College; Shannon Cummins from University of Nebraska Omaha; and Terri Barr from Miami University. These sales educators join over 150 individuals who have received program certification since SEF began the opportunity in 2009. Plans are to hold another certification in the spring of 2019.

Through a partnership with GrowthPlay, SEF is able to provide university sales students with access to individual assessment results. Over 20,000 students have completed the assessment and received valuable feedback assisting with future sales career alignment since 2009.

For more information on our CDP check out the information sheet

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