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AMA Sales SIG – Global Sales Database Call for Proposals

Despite the proliferation of university sales programs, and the growing need for PhD trained faculty to fill roles associated with these programs, few PhD students focus on sales research. One reason for this is limited access to data. The AMA Sales SIG is here to help.

The American Marketing Association’s Special Interest Group in Selling and Sales Management (Sales SIG) has recently launched a global database that will provide access to professional samples of sales managers and sales representatives for academics of all experience levels. Part of this database will involve collecting periodic and repeating “state of the field” type data from around the globe to help track differences in trends across national boundaries.

The AMA Sales SIG Global Database committee will meet within 30 days of the submission deadline to determine which projects will be sponsored. While a preference will be given to PhD students and untenured assistant professors, senior faculty are also encouraged to apply. Winners will be announced at the Summer AMA Conference.
Global Sales Database – CFP – Winter AMA 2019