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SMC Corporation of America and SEF

SMC Corporation of America Becomes a 2019 Corporate Sponsor of SEF Annual Magazine

SMC Corporation of America is a world leader in pneumatics and industrial automation. The company has a direct sales force in the US and Canada of nearly 700 technical industrial sales representatives. Tim Kutcha, Director of Sales, told SEF: “As our sales force has been aging, it became critical to develop an on-going effort to recruit, hire, and train young people from colleges and universities. This need led us to establish the SMC Sales Academy, a 6 month program to help prepare college graduates for a career in technical sales at SMC. We were great at teaching the technical aspect of our products, but we were definitely challenged to develop their sales skills.”

Tim wanted to share how the company found SEF and what influenced their decision to support the 2019 Annual, “A few years ago, I found the Sales Education Foundation’s Annual publication through a search on the internet. The detailed information in the SEF’s publication about universities with Professional Sales Programs helped us focus our recruiting efforts, and put the contact information at our finger tips. Bringing students into our program that already are interested in sales, and have selling skills already developed is extremely valuable to the success of our program.”

Data gathered over a period of several years shows that university-trained sales professionals ramp up in half the time as their non-university peers. Tim agreed with this estimate saying, “We estimate that the learning curve is nearly cut in half, helping improve our sales productivity. Sustaining a sales force of 700 is a huge challenge, but by partnering with SEF and Professional Sales Programs, we are much more effective in developing our young sales professionals.”

He continued, “Sales in Industrial Automation can be a lucrative career that should not be overlooked by college educators and students. The manufacturing world is in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0, or the “Connected Enterprise”), and the opportunities are endless for technical sales professionals. I have shared PDF versions of the SEF Annual publication with many of the 100 distributors that sell SMC products.”

Thank you Tim and SMC Corporation of America for your support! You can find SMC’s promotion on page 38 of the 2019 Annual page turn edition featuring a live link to the recruiter email. Students can learn more about their SMC Sales Academy by visiting SMC’swebsite.