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SEF Awards Three Research Grants in 2019 Program

The Sales Education Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of our 2019 SEF Research Grants. Research grants of $5,000 each have been awarded to:

Victor Chernetsky (Michigan State University) for his proposal titled, “The Role of Senior Executives and Organizational Culture in Management of Conflict Between Sales and Marketing.” When contacted Victor said, “I am grateful to the Sales Education Foundation for the support of our research. We aim to investigate the conflict between sales and marketing, which are probably the most conflicting functions at the firm. Specifically, we focus on different facets of conflict and organizational levers to manage the conflict between two functional units.” His adviser is Douglas E. Hughes, Ph.D. from Michigan State.

Yeji Lim (University of Missouri) for her proposal titled, “Motivating Salespeople to Work Smarter and Harder: A Behavioral Economics and Agency-theoretic Approach.” Yeji was excited to hear the news of her award and told SEF, “Leading sales consultants ZS Associates have reported that in today’s complex business marketing environment, enhancing salespeople’s selling effectiveness can increase a firm’s profitability by 5 to 20%. My research supported by the SEF Research Grant will show for the first time how sales-plus activity-based incentive mechanisms can be used to boost selling effectiveness and produce better outcomes for the firm as well as a salesperson than the traditional sales-based incentive schemes that have long dominated practice. ” Her adviser is Murali Mantrala, Ph.D., University of Missouri, who is currently Visiting Faculty at Indian School of Business.

Alec Pappas (Florida State University) for his proposal titled “The Turnover Pandemic: A Network Perspective on Salesperson Turnover Contagion.” When contacted Alec said, “It is an honor to be awarded this gift. I appreciate the dedication the Sales Education Foundation has to their mission of elevating the sales profession through university education. This is a mission that is dear to me, being from a household of a salesman and my life-changing experience from Florida State University’s sales program. I hope to have a positive impact on the sales profession as this research project progresses.” Alec’s adviser is Willy Bolander, Ph.D., from Florida State.

One of SEF’s foundation goals is to “Encourage new Ph.D. candidates to research and ultimately teach professional selling.” Each of these recipients is currently working toward their doctoral degree, helping SEF to fulfill this goal for 2019.

SEF received a record number of proposals for 2019. Proposals were evaluated by an independent selection committee chaired by Jason Jordan, well known sales management expert, advisor, and best-selling author. Three proposals were singled out and the decision was made to add a third grant for 2019. According to Jason, “The quality and variety of the grant proposals this year was amazing. It’s exciting to see that the academic community’s commitment to meaningful sales research is continuing to grow.”

We congratulate this year’s recipients and look forward to the completion of their papers and publication.
To learn more about the SEF Research Grant Program and see links to previous SEF research grant recipients published papers click on the Elevating Sales tab.