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Sales Educators Certified in SEF Career Development Program During Summer Session

SEF held another successful Faculty Certification event during July 2019. This year’s group will join over 100 others who have been certified to use the Chally assessment as part of our Career Development Program. As part of the certification these individuals completed the Chally assessment, participated in three webinars and completed a training session in order to receive their certificates.

Completing their Certification this year are:

Mark Michalisin from The College of Saint Rose
Ricky Ferguson, Ph.D. from Indiana State University
Chuck Howlett from Northern Illinois University
Rafael Sortero from Florida International University
Shannon Cox from Douglas College
Mike Cornford from Douglas College

SEF has offered Faculty Certification since 2009. During each session participants have the opportunity to learn about the creation of Chally competencies and profiles. Chally has identified 14 unique sales styles, or roles, and the SEF uses 6 of these in its’ university offering. In 2018 SEF began offering online webinars allowing educators from outside the US to participate along with educators from US-based universities.

To learn more about SEF, the Career Development Program and the Chally assessment contact us by calling 800-776-4436, or use the Questions and Suggestions box available on this website.