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The World of Sales Education and Beyond

Our foundation serves as a conduit of information on university sales education, sales research, conferences and news from the sales programs we support. Good news should be shared – so let us know what’s happening and we’ll get the word out!

  • Interest in Taking a Sales Class

    Some students hear about Professional Sales classes, but they don’t really know what to expect. Even today, some may have pre-conceived notions surrounding sales that may be hard to overcome. Some universities report it’s difficult to get their College of Business students interested, much less excited. Sharing positive statistics could help! Especially when the graphic…

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  • 2018 Sales Educators’ Academy Returning to Aston University

    The 7th Sales Educators’ Academy will be returning to Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK, on May 15-17, 2018. The 2018 website is now live with an outline Agenda of some of the sales related topics to be included in the Conference. One of the themes is”What’s the Customer Looking For” and plans include talks from…

  • Whitepaper-Building A University Sales Program

    Is your university interested in building a sales program? Are you exploring best practices from other institutions? We’ve collected some best practices and suggestions from trailblazing university sales programs.

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