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SEF collects stories, articles and announcements from educators, researchers, professionals and universities. Our foundation has become a information clearinghouse on university sales education, sales research, conferences and news from the sales programs we support.  Good news should be shared – so let us know what’s happening and we’ll share it here.

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SEF Publishes 15th Anniversary Issue of SEF Annual magazine

April, 2021
The Sales Education Foundation Annual magazine features the most comprehensive listing of university sales education programs worldwide. Our 2021 edition theme is “Professional Sales: Past, Present and Future.” Numerous sales professional and educator guest authors are featured in the magazine. The ANNUAL is a free, downloadable resource for recruiters, educators, sales organizations and everyone interested in learning more about professional sales education.

Within the Digital Edition are live links provided by each university that directly connect you with their web page. Be sure to visit the universities who support SEF with features throughout the listing. SEF relies on their support to continue our mission!

The SEF ANNUAL has something for everyone.  Enjoy!

University of Dayton to Support Sales Education Foundation

The University of Dayton (UD) announces its new primary sponsorship of the Sales Education Foundation.  SEF founders Howard and Sally Stevens are both graduates of UD.  When asked about the future, Sally said, “UD’s sponsorship of the Sales Education Foundation ensures its future beyond our lifetime and will foster its growth with an expanded mission.”  She added,  “We are delighted with the alliance.”

Read the press release for details.

  • Women in the Sales Industry Infographic

    “… old stereotypes need to be replaced with new evidence that women are just as equally suited for roles in sales.” Taken from years of Chally Assessment research data and featuring other leading authorities, Chally’s Women in the Sales Industry infographic illustrates some important statistics focusing on women in the sales industry. As more universities…

  • From Sales Insights – Cut New Sales Hire Ramp Up Time by 30%

    Thanks to retired Sales educator, Steve Young, for promoting the work SEF and multiple university sales programs are doing to boost the recognition of university sales-educated graduates. Steve’s article, featured on November 16, 2019 calls attention to the advantages hiring Sales graduates may give their employers. Don’t miss this well-written article!

  • Building the Right Team to Scale a Startup

    “For early-stage entrepreneurs, getting the product or service right is crucial.” Read Dan Weinfurter’s article on three crucial elements to growing your business. Right people, right product, right service, healthy culture, motivated team – everything else falls in line. Previously published in the SEF ANNUAL magazine here