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Be an Academic Sponsor in the SEF ANNUAL!

The SEF ANNUAL offers university and college sales programs a unique opportunity to promote their offerings worldwide. Each sponsor promotion is prominently positioned within the “Top Universities and Colleges for Professional Sales Education” listing, the most comprehensive listing of universities and colleges with active Sales curriculums and the only list updated yearly.Which universities became SEF Sponsors in 2023?

Which universities became a SEF Sponsor in 2023?

Connect with these SEF Sponsors featured in our 2023 SEF Annual to learn more about their offerings. We thank them for their support and share their links below!

Hear what one program director says about the importance of the SEF ANNUAL …
“About 4 years ago we were approached by what is now one of our foundational partnership companies and they found out about us when their HR manager was handed a copy of the SEF Annual. This is such a great service that SEF provides for university sales programs and selling organizations to meet. Thanks for all you do at SEF to elevate university sales programs!”

All sponsors receive pre-publication access to the online edition, recognition on this site, printed copies to share with corporate sponsors, deans, etc. and a special SEF Recognition plaque. Use your promote to gain worldwide exposure to corporate recruiters, potential sponsors and let readers know more about your program. 

2023 Annual Sponsor Program now closed.
The 2023 SEF Annual has been published. Next year’s sponsor program will be available in late summer 2023. Consider adding SEF sponsorship to your budget!

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