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Companies: Your Future Sales Force is on a College Campus Near You!

Did you know… Nearly 40% of the customer’s selection of a vendor is based on the added value the salesperson brings to the relationship.

Sales Program/ Graduate Statistics

Sales program graduates come to the workforce armed with real-world experience, strong career goals, intense dedication and the tools and talent to contribute to their organizations from day one. According to a survey of sales managers:

  • Sales program graduates ramp up 50% faster than their non-sales educated peers
  • New hires from sales programs turnover 30% less
  • Sales program graduates save their recruiting companies an average of $180,000 per hire when compared to other recent graduates

Where Do You Find Quality Sales Candidates?

Where will the next generation of sales professionals be found? How can recruiters invest their time wisely when searching to fill their sales force pipeline? Where do you turn to find your next hire? A university sales education program is training them now!

Find the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” listing in our ANNUAL magazine, providing useful data on programs dedicated to developing the future sales professional. Each program has met SEF criteria for Top program status. Within the listing can be found information on:

  • Program website
  • The best contact and their email address
  • How many students in the program and when did the program begin• Accreditation(s)
  • Does the program have an area of Focus
  • In addition, we provide space for each program to share information about who they are

University sales programs rely on the support of companies interested in finding top talent and developing partnerships. While each program and their sponsor levels are unique corporate sponsors can gain opportunities to speak directly to classes, participate in Career Fairs, or serve on Advisory Boards.

SEF invites you to download the 2017 list as part of our ANNUAL magazine. There’s no cost, you can download for free by going back to our homepage and clicking on the magazine cover. If you’d like more information on how SEF can help your company identify potential partners, email SEF with your request.