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Elevating The Sales Profession

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2nd Faculty Certification To Be Offered in 2016

We are excited to offer a 2nd session of our Faculty Certification to be held Thursday and Friday, October 13 and 14 in Dayton, OH. Deadline for registration is Monday, October 3rd. Read the invitation here.

Congratulations to our Class of 2016 Certified Sales Educators!

Congratulations to the following sales educators who have completed SEF requirements and received certification for our Career Development Program: Andrew Loring, MS, from Texas A&M University; Scott Watson, CFA, from The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Gary B. Gagnon from Central Michigan University; R. Keith Huggins from University of South Carolina; Shawn A. Green, PhD, from Aurora University; John Rossi, MBA, from Youngstown State University; Carlton C. O’Neal, MBA, JD, from University of San Diego; Ellen Daniels, MBA, and Kelly Blay from Kent State University; Scott Friend, PhD, from Miami University; Reece Theriot, MBA, from University of Louisiana Lafayette and Don Thacker, MBA, from Kent State University Stark. Read the press release here.

Interested in best practices for developing the next generation of employees and leaders?

“Making the Most of Millennial Talent” whitepaper from GrowthPlay is based on the Global Leadership Research Project which features the “Best Companies for Leaders.”

The Sales Education Foundation

Who We Are – What We Do

The Sales Education Foundation’s mission is to “elevate the sales profession through university education.” SEF provides education programming and materials to university sales programs and their students. SEF promotes these programs through our ANNUAL magazine’s widely recognized “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” listing. SEF assists hiring organizations by connecting them to top sales students and forging key relationships with top sales programs.

Sales Drives Our Economy

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