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Since our beginnings in 2007, the non-profit Sales Education Foundation has promoted the benefits of university sales education both in academia and the corporate world – ultimately changing the world’s view of the term “sales.” SEF planted the seed of providing sales education to multiple colleges and universities and has become a “primary search engine for all things Professional Sales education.”

SEF provides support for the establishment and growth of sales education at the university level by funding sales research grants, providing our Career Development Program, funding multiple sales-specific workshops, conferences and special interest groups and creating a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices.

Through the publication of our “Top Universities and Colleges for Professional Sales Education” listing, featured in our SEF ANNUAL we have given sales programs a place to promote their offerings worldwide. The SEF Annual is the only yearly publication dedicated to providing data on programs throughout the world.

  • Graduates of Sales Programs "Ramp-Up" 50% Faster & Experience 30% Less Turnover

    According to a survey of sales managers, sales program graduates ramp up 50% faster than their non-sales educated peers. They also experience 30% less turnover. Sales graduates are prepared for their roles through highly-specialized education featuring cutting edge technologies.

  • Training One Salesperson Can Cost a Company More Than $180,000

    Sales program graduates require less training than their non-sales educated peers. The result is an average savings of +$180k per hire for their recruiting company. SEF is helping universities prepare the sales leaders of tomorrow.

  • Nearly 40% of a Customers Decision is Based on the Added Value the Salesperson Brings to the Relationship

    Professional salespeople occupy a uniquely important position at the heart of today's global economy. Skilled salespeople play a key role in nearly every decision, in nearly every industry. They help consumers and businesses define their needs, understand and evaluate their options, make effective purchase decisions and forge enduring relationships.

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