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SEF provides support for university sales education and  in a number of ways. The Sales Education Foundation:

  • provides universities with opportunities for publicizing of their offerings through the ANNUAL magazine and highlights their competitions and career fairs via our various social media channels.
  • gives opportunities for free assessments to students through their sales classes to help them determine their best career options
  • sponsors the annual Sales Educators’ Academy
  • provides research grants to support future Ph.D. students and build academic Sales research library through our yearly grant program
  • supports the American Marketing Association’s Sales Special Interest Group
  • promotes direct company-sponsored sales scholarships to help students fund their education

You can help SEF raise the awareness of sales education and support our non-profit efforts by donating online or by mail.

  • Donate Online

    We gratefully welcome financial gifts to support SEF programs, publications and services. SEF depends on your contributions to help fund our activities.

    SEF’s online donation program is managed by The Dayton Foundation. To make an online donation to the Sales Education Foundation please designate our Fund #3667 and contribute through The Dayton Foundation website.

    To access SEF’s online fund please read the instructions below, then visit The Dayton Foundation online contribution page.

    1. Complete “Your Information” and indicate your donation amount as requested.
    2. Under “Apply My Gift”, specify your gift to SEF by entering our fund # 3667.
    3. If you would like to specify the programs your donation will support, please indicate your choice(s) from the following list in the “Additional Information” box:
    • Development of New Programs
    • Research Grant Fund
    • Sales Education Fund
    • Sales Educators’ Academy
    • Scholarship Fund

    (For legal and record-keeping reasons, we must accept direct online financial support through The Dayton Foundation, but promise 100 % of your donation will go to SEF.)

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  • Donate by Mail

    1. Download and print our form.
    2. Please indicate your gift amount and frequency.
    3. Be sure to indicate how you want your name recognition to appear.
    4. Make check out to The Sales Education Foundation.
    5. Mail form and gift to new SEF office:
      Sales Education Foundation
      3625 Ernest St.
      Jacksonville, FL 32205
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