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SEF hosts "The New Selling of Sales" Podcast series

SEF launched a new podcast series in September 2020 titled "The New Selling of Sales" podcast. We'll interview a variety of sales professionals and educators, each with an interesting story to tell. SEF chose the title, focusing on the "New" aspect of helping more people understand Professional Sales. Many people know that the term "sales" causes negative feelings. But, Professional Sales is not being pushy, it's being a trusted advisor, a colleague to clients. It's consulting with clients to provide them the best possible outcomes.

Season 2 episodes are now available on a variety of platforms including:

Links via our SEF website Knowledge Center -

Videos on the SEF YouTube Channel -

Audio on Anchor -

Audio on Spotify -

You can also find our podcasts on Google Podcasts!

However you choose to access the podcasts, we hope you'll enjoy our interviews. More are planned in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, follow and enjoy!