Sales Education Foundation

Our Mission - Elevating Sales

What does it mean to “elevate sales?”

Elevate: to move or raise to a higher place or position; to lift up

SEF was established to elevate the sales profession – primarily by promoting the idea of teaching professional sales at the university level. So how can you help SEF continue to accomplish our mission? What can an individual or company do? We have some thoughts . . .

Join us on social media and spread the word about SEF and university sales education. Let us know what your sales program is doing. Share a success story about your sales force. Below are some links and ideas:

Explore the many ways to elevate sales and be a part of SEF through this website.

Which universities support our mission to “elevate sales?”

Connect with the sales programs sponsoring SEF and featured in our 2022 SEF Annual to learn more about their offerings. We thank them for their support and share their information below!