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The Sales Education Foundation accomplishes its ongoing mission to “elevate the Sales profession through university education” with a number of initiatives . . .

  • SEF provides universities and colleges with opportunities for publicizing of their offerings through the SEF ANNUAL and highlights their competitions and career fairs via the publication and our various social media channels.
  • SEF gives corporations and recruiters actionable data that drives insights into universities and colleges with active Sales programs through the SEF ANNUAL, allowing them to explore potential partnerships and other opportunities.
  • SEF provides opportunities for students to take the Chally Predictive Talent Assessment through their Sales classes to help them determine their best career options and individual strengths.
  • SEF sponsors the annual Sales Educators’ Academy and the bi-annual Sales Researchers’ Collaboration Consortium.
  • SEF runs an annual Research Grant Program Call for Proposals and awards funds to support doctoral students and professors and build academic Sales research libraries.

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