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SEF collects stories, articles and announcements from educators, researchers, professionals and universities. Our foundation has become a information clearinghouse on university sales education, sales research, conferences and news from the sales programs we support.  Good news should be shared – so let us know what’s happening and we’ll share it here.

SEF Publishes 16th  Issue of SEF Annual

April, 2022
The Sales Education Foundation Annual magazine features the most comprehensive listing of university sales education programs worldwide. Our 2022 edition theme is “Professional Sales Around the Globe.” Numerous sales professional and educator guest authors are featured in the magazine. The SEF ANNUAL is a free, downloadable resource for recruiters, educators, sales organizations and everyone interested in learning more about professional sales education.

Within the Digital Edition are live links provided by each university that directly connect you with their web page. Be sure to visit the universities who support SEF with features throughout the listing. SEF relies on their support to continue our mission!

The SEF ANNUAL has something for everyone.  Enjoy!

University of Dayton to Support Sales Education Foundation

The University of Dayton (UD) announces its new primary sponsorship of the Sales Education Foundation.  SEF founders Howard and Sally Stevens are both graduates of UD.  When asked about the future, Sally said, “UD’s sponsorship of the Sales Education Foundation ensures its future beyond our lifetime and will foster its growth with an expanded mission.”  She added,  “We are delighted with the alliance.”

Read the press release for details.


Sales Education Foundation Awards 2022 SEF Research Grants

December, 2022
Congratulations to our 2022 SEF Research Grant recipients!

These researchers represent the growing list of professors dedicated to providing timely, practical sales research to the Professional Sales industry and academia. Our 2022 grants have been awarded to: 

  • The team of Dr. Bryan W. Hochstein, from The University of Alabama, Dr. George D. Deitz, Ph.D., from The University of Memphis, Timothy D. Butler, from Southeastern Louisiana University and Tongxi (Stephanie) Wang, Ph.D. candidate from The University of Alabama. Their winning proposal is titled, "Should I Stay or Should I Go? Factors that Drie Salesperson Turnover and Retention in the Era of the Great Resignation."
  • Molly Ahearne, Doctoral Student of Marketing at the University of Georgia. Her advisors are Son K. Lam, Ph.D. and John Hulland, Ph.D., both from the University of Georgia. Her winning proposal is titled, "Enhancing the Effectiveness of Sales Performance Rankings on Dashboard."


2022 Barbara Giamanco Memorial Scholarship Recipients Announced

December, 2022
Congratulations to the 2022 Barbara Giamanco Memorial Scholarship recipients!

Eight young women from university Sales programs were recently chosen to each receive a Barbara Giamanco Memorial Scholarship.

Read the press release for details.

  • SEF Awards Two Sales Research Grants for 2021

    Congratulations to our 2021 SEF Research Grant recipients! We are excited to announce our two teams of researchers who have been awarded an SEF Research Grant. These teams represent the growing list of professors dedicated to providing timely, practical sales research to the Professional Sales industry and academia. Our 2021 grants have been awarded to: -Scott Friend,...

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  • SEF hosts "The New Selling of Sales" Podcast series

    SEF launched a new podcast series in September 2020 titled "The New Selling of Sales" podcast. We'll interview a variety of sales professionals and educators, each with an interesting story to tell. SEF chose the title, focusing on the "New" aspect of helping more people understand Professional Sales. Many people know that the term "sales" causes negative feelings. But,...

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  • Evidence Professional Sales Education is Growing!

    You'd like to see some evidence on the growth of Professional Sales education? Let's take a look back 10 years to 2011. If you know much about the SEF Annual magazine, you know we survey universities, collect data and publish that data in the Annual magazines. We've been doing this for 15 years! But what about our 5th magazine in 2011? The 2011 Annual listed 53...

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  • Pandemic Recovery Survey from California State University Fullerton

    The Sales Leadership Center of the College of Business & Economics at California State University Fullerton conducted a survey of sponsor and other companies to gage the impact of re-entry to business as restrictions of COVID-19 are eased. The survey collected data on the impact to businesses on revenue, business processes and recruitment of college students, along with...

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