2022 SEF Annual

This year’s theme is “Professional Sales Around the Globe.”

Our 16th SEF Annual features a fresh design for 2022. Within the largest edition to date you will find interesting insights from our guest authors located in North America and AMEA. Our feature article, A Sales Education Journey Around the Globe, enables readers to gain an understanding of the unique educational opportunities and lack thereof, from universities around the world.

The focus of each SEF Annual is our “Top Sales Programs” listing. This year there are 171 US-based and 18 International Professional Sales programs with live links to each university and college listed. Be sure to visit the university feature spots throughout the listing. You will also find 21 “Other Notables” on the last listing page, recognized for offering their students some sales education opportunities.

The SEF Annual is a free, downloadable resource for recruiters, sales organizations and those interested in connecting with the universities listed. The publication provides them with actionable data on what each university offers and how to connect with them. As one recruiter told us, "I anxiously await each year's SEF Annual. I consider it my recruiting bible."

Educators use the SEF Annual in many ways as well - promote your university, gain insights from others listed and share the publication with colleagues.

Each edition features live links to every program listed.  Whichever version you choose below, we hope you enjoy our 2022 SEF Annual!

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Did you know that 46 US States + Washington, D.C. now have at least one university/college offering Professional Sales Education? In addition to the US, 14 countries also have at least one university/college. Where can you find a list? Check out the 2022 List by State and Country.
Use the list and cross reference the SEF Annual listing for details on each university program. Contact those listed and learn how you can get involved. There’s a whole world of possibilities!