Sales Education Foundation


The Sales Education Foundation

Since its beginning in 2007, the non-profit Sales Education Foundation has elevated the sales profession through college and university programs. SEF proudly partners with academic trailblazers and industry professionals to establish and support effective sales education around the world. Are you interested in learning a bit more about us? We’ve created a short presentation you’ll want to see!


Our Mission

“Elevating the sales profession through university education”

Our Focus

SEF supports university-level sales education programs by providing educational opportunities, research grant funding, worldwide exposure and scholarships. Through the publication of our ANNUAL magazine’s “Top Universities” listing, SEF helps raise public awareness about the benefits of sales careers and provides data on sales programs worldwide.  By financially supporting several Sales-focused events and conferences SEF continues to “elevate the sales profession …”

Our Goals

Provide resources for universities interested in teaching professional selling and/or starting a sales program

  • Encourage and support new Ph.D. candidates to research and ultimately teach professional sales
  • Increase the number of students seeking a sales career
  • Support sales specific research through grant funding
  • Provide educational resources for student career development
  • Strengthen relations between industry and academia by increasing the awareness of university sales education.

Our Impact

Since 2007, SEF has helped raise public awareness of the benefits of university sales education by providing support to universities and educators. In partnership with top university sales programs and leading sales professionals we:

  • Publish the SEF ANNUAL magazine providing the only listing of “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education”
  • Sponsor relevant, meaningful sales research through our annual Call for Proposals – giving over $125,000 since 2011
  • Provide sales students with an opportunity to participate in the Chally Assessment giving over 23,500  students tools to build satisfying, successful sales careers
  • Promote optimal sales principles, processes and technologies
  • Recognize and financially support academic workshops, conferences and sales competitions

NOTE: SEF does not sell or distribute private products on behalf of third parties for their personal or business gain.