Our 15th Anniversary Issue of the SEF Annual Magazine

The SEF Annual magazine features the most comprehensive list of university sales education programs worldwide – the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education.” Our 15th Anniversary issue embraces the theme “Professional Sales: Past, Present, and Future.” Enjoy reading about the history of sales as our feature article traces the origins of the profession. As you explore our 2021 magazine you’ll find information on SEF research grant recipients, our new scholarship fund and the first recipients.

We highlight present day university and professional writers with articles on immersion boot camps, virtual selling and sales myths. The future looks bright indeed as students role play with a bot and others focus on increasing diversity in sales.

Within the “Top Sales” listing are featured programs who support SEF and live links to each and every university listed. Be sure to visit the “Top Sales” universities featured throughout. You’ll also see our “Other Notables” on the last listing page.

Don’t forget to check out the list of universities offering Ph.D. or D.B.A. programs and our annual list of university Sales Competitions.

Our Annual magazine is a free, downloadable resource for recruiters, educators, sales organizations and everyone interested in learning more about professional sales education.



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Whichever version you choose, we hope you’ll find our publication to be a useful resource.

The 2021 SEF ANNUAL has something for everyone.  Enjoy!