Sales Education Foundation


We Embrace Innovation

SEF is committed to elevating the sales profession by offering innovative programs and resources. To learn more about our how you can take advantage of some of the offerings described below, please contact us.

  • SEF Annual Magazine featuring the "Top Universities for Professional Sales Education Listing"

    The Sales Education Annual magazine showcases top universities with sales programs meeting set criteria established by SEF in 2007. Offering pertinent data and contact information for these programs, the magazine has become a go-to resource for recruiters. Each issue includes articles of interest from key industry practitioners and academia.

  • Career Development

    Supported by SEF partner GrowthPlay, the Talent Effectiveness Survey for university sales students introduces the six most common career choices offered to students upon graduation. Participants are empowered to select a sales career that matches their natural capabilities, interests and training.

  • SEF/Neil Rackham Research Grant Program

    The SEF/Neil Rackham Research Grant Program recognizes sales-specific research with the potential for application by sales executives, sales managers, and/or the salesforce. A Call for Proposals is announced each January with 2-3 papers selected to receive a $5,000 grant by an independent committee.

  • Sales Educators' Academy

    SEF proudly sponsors this annual summer program to engage sales faculty. Established in 2011, the SEA encourages faculty from all corners of the world to collaborate and develop techniques for expanding their sales curriculum.

  • Sales Research

    SEF collaborates with multiple corporate partners and top university researchers to provide support for mutually beneficial sales research. Faculty research is encouraged and SEF will help promote sales research upon request. Past research has addressed areas such as employee onboarding, sales lifestyle benefits, and student success factors.

  • Video Series

    SEF partnered with ThinkTV public television to develop a three-part series addressing the complexity of professional selling in today’s high-tech, global economy. The initial special,The New Selling of America, won an Emmy for best regional documentary and is available for use in the classroom at no cost. The second in the series, “The Science of Sales,” is now available. Contact SEF for more information.

  • Scholarship Support

    SEF is proud to sponsor individual and endowed scholarships to help some of today’s most promising students participate in university sales programs to prepare for career success.

  • International Training

    SEF partnered with ThinkTV to develop an international sales training and certification program. Taught by faculty of university sales programs, the week-long program has been delivered globally, in countries such as China and India.